4 Reasons You Should Write Your Book

80% percent of the population says they will write a book, someday.

But, for 99.9% of the population, someday, never comes.

Which group are you in?

Do you have a book inside you? Have people told you, you should write a book?

How would your life change if you were a published author?

Would you have more speaking and business opportunities?

Would it open doors for teaching? Counseling? Consulting?

Would it give you a chance to be on the radio? Television? Blogs?

If you have been thinking about writing your book, if you have been told you should write a book: here are 4 Reasons You Should Write Your Book.

#1 - A book establishes your CREDIBILITY.

When the host introduces a speaker to an audience, they want to give the audience a reason to listen to the speaker––they want to establish your credibility with the audience.

Before I became a #1 Best Selling author most hosts were nervous about introducing me. Since I have published my book they simply introduce me as the author of Gilligan Meets Google.

The host knows that no matter what else I have accomplished in my life, having written a book will establish my credibility before the audience.

#2 - A book gives you AUTHORITY.

Which would you rather work with?  A professional who hands you a business card, or one who has written a book.

Writing a book establishes you as an authority in your field. You have put your knowledge, your beliefs, and your wisdom into writing. You have committed yourself to your message. You have taken the time to organize that message and put it in writing. That process establishes you as an authority.

#3 - A book expands your INFLUENCE.

In Gilligan Meets Google, I wrote about the information economy of the Digital Age. That means that information is the driving economic engine. The upper class of the Digital Age is the producer of information.

Over 550 years ago Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. While it may not have been as efficient as the networked society, it allowed the authors to convey their message to anyone, anywhere, at any time one chose to read their writing. Not only that, but some of those books printed on the Gutenberg press 550 years ago are still with us today.

Your book communicates to people you cannot and will never meet in person. That person may live in this generation or they may not even be born yet. As an author, your book establishes your legacy and influence.

#4 - A book OPENS DOORS.

The credibility and the authority you gain when you publish your book will open new doors. A book has given men and women a platform that attracted media (radio, television, periodicals, blogs, social) to them.

Your book gives you a new level of exposure to build your business, increase your followers, and grow your platform. A book creates opportunities.


Are you ready to become a member of the exclusive club?

Are you ready to join the ⅒ of 1 percent of people who are called authors?

Are you ready to expand your territory? Many of you prayed that prayer of Jabez.  Your book can be God’s answer to that prayer.


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