Yesterdays Dream, Tomorrows Reality

"To be human means to be captured by a dream" (Gerald Kennedy).

What captures you?

What drives you?

I remember when I presented two sessions at the Strictly Sail Show in Chicago. This was the first time I presented at this event. It was a turning point because I was no longer sitting in the audience. I was sharing our experiences living out our dream of cruising on a sailboat.

Reward of Progress
How did you make your dream a reality? A couple came up and asked that question after one of my seminars. They had been coming to the Chicago Strictly Sail Show since the late 90’s. They expressed frustration that they were no closer to their dream today than they were over sixteen years ago.

Man dreaming: Yesterdays Dream, Tomorrows Reality

As I talked with them I heard a lot of excuses. I realized that embedded in each of their excuses were two things: (1) doubt; and (2) fear. Their doubts and fears were so great that they never set any goals to achieve their dream. Without those goals they had nothing to direct them, they had nothing to aim for.

For our cruise to become a reality we set deadlines, we took meticulous notes at seminars, we talked with others who were doing what we wanted to do, we built our skills, and we learned about the boats and equipment we needed to make the dream happen.

Reward of Accomplishment
As Elaine and I walked through the sailboat show looking at the clothes, hardware, electronics and boats, we had a sense of accomplishment. As we looked at all the marine equipment, we realized that it took a lot for us to attain our dream to take off and go cruising for several years.

We lived out our dream and there was a sense of accomplishment for completing the journey (planning, outfitting) that took us to our dream.

There is a journey you must undertake to complete your dream. If we don’t enjoy the journey we will never accomplish the dream.

Reward of Fulfillment
I walked in the seminar room and set up my computer. People started coming into the room. I remembered back ten, fifteen years and thought of all the speakers we had listened to that helped us make our dream a reality.

We took off, went sailing and fulfilled our dream. But as I got ready to speak, a new sense of fulfillment came over me. I was now one who could help others achieve their dream.

What do you dream about accomplishing? How long have you had that dream? Are you any closer to it today than you were when you first had the dream?

Fulfilling dreams –– takes commitment –– takes courage. In other words, if you want to see your dreams fulfilled, it is going to take work on your part.

For more on this topic, check out my last post I Have A Dream, for what it takes to keep a dream alive.

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