About Dr. Charles Sanger

It has always been my mission to guide, teach and advise people. My love of research, program development, teaching and speaking have given me international stages at some of the top global companies, churches and events.

Over the years I have combined corporate, ministry, and entrepreneurial aspects. I have held multiple corporate certifications in the IT and project management fields. And I hold degrees from Washington Bible College (BA), Grace College and Seminary (Mdiv), and earned a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies (D. Ics.) at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN.

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Together, my wife Elaine and I left corporate America. We lived and traveled extensively on a sailboat, Ancient Path, and sailed from Chicago to South America.

We co-founded Pilotage International, a 501(c)3, and established the Pilotage Intercultural Center on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. One of the best experiences of our lives was serving local and international tourism workers from Haiti, throughout Europe, and Latin America.

I am an author of numerous papers and articles on culture, theology, leadership, and communications. I have authored Gilligan Meets Google (2017), Discipleship in the Twenty-First Century (2015) and my upcoming book is to be released in 2023.

Today, I continue to develop programs and advise leaders, pastors, and authors.

My students and friends know me as Dr. C. You can find me teaching Bible study classes in the U.S., preaching at various churches, and being interviewed at national and international events.

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"The fulfillment of our purpose, the extent of our impact, and the legacy we leave will in large measure be determined by how connected and relevant we remain to the society in which our Creator has placed us."

Dr. Charles Sanger